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Running a
successful business
since 1897

Mário da Costa Martins & Filho, Lda was founded in 1897, initially manufacturing surgical instruments, artificial limbs, orthopaedic equipment, repairing defence and hunting weapons, cast brass objects and mechanics in general.

Currently, its activity is focused on the production of metal components obtained by stamping, with a main focus on the automotive, electronics and electrical industries, among others, as well as the design and construction of tools for their production.

MCM - Mário da Costa Martins & Filho, Lda

We're thriving and building
better products

We're thriving and building better products for our customers MCM's activity is focused on the production of components by stamping, design and production of tools for the production of sheet metal parts for application in various industries, electroplating and surface treatment services, painting and other services for various industries.

Automotive Industry

Electronics Industry

Other Industries

Mission and Values

Get Better

MCM exists not only to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, employees, suppliers and owner, but also to contribute to progress in the region around it, ensuring proper conservation of the environment.

Mário da Costa Martins & Filho, Lda. is a leading company in the metal and mechanics sector. Its success is based on teamwork, supported by the ability, commitment and motivation of all its employees. It is our complete conviction that our action deserves the trust of all our clients.

Objectives and Future

Surpassing our clients' expectations by achieving continuous improvement in the areas of quality, service, productivity and innovation.

Guaranteeing high levels of productivity with a view to making the company more competitive. Using advanced technology in our products, processes and services.

Contributing to the development and well-being of our employees and the community around us.

Our company's fundamental pillar is our vision of the future. The growing amount of business and continued satisfaction of our clients' needs and expectations are some of the main goals to be achieved in the new millennium.

We have invested in modernising and qualifying our resources and in continuous cooperation from our employees for the positive performance of our company, so that we can be a leading company in Portugal and abroad.

MCM - Mário da Costa Martins & Filho, Lda